Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring forward...

In March, I always seem to wear more green than any other month.
Quite possibly it is my favourite colour.
So many other colours go with the many hues of green.

Today I met up with a mate, we chatted
over tea and puddings.
The usual chatter: men, crafting, small business ventures, costuming,
and wool shoppes.

Wanting to wear green and pink this day...
So inspired, because recently I made
a new spring necklace and bracelet to match my favourite peridot earring and ring set.
I was 'tickled pink' that I could wear my pink Birkenstocks too.

In a local wool shoppe I snapped this pic of felted bag.
My new 'must make soon' project.

Oh, we just lost an hour this morning too...
But what a joy, the sunshine will last longer, so I can make more
things :)

Happy almost spring!


Kaili Ittensohn said...

Oh that jewellery is just divine. I LOVE pink and green together. I think youre so clever!

3rdEyeMuse said...

your pink and green bobbles are so yummy! and I can't wait to see your fun felted bag! :)

happy almost spring to you, too.

Lisa said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous. I love that combination of colors. You have pink birks??? ahhhh I am jealous!

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I couldn't sleep and what you shared was really a blessing to me. :)

aliceinparis said...

Green is my favourite colour! I love it all year round:) Those earrings in the top picture are cute.

Anonymous said...

ooh! I have yet to make a knitted bag, it is on my list too.. thanks so much for popping by the blog and for the lovely badge you put up!

Unknown said...

oh Im totally adoring your green fetish! I've been so busy dyeing that I havent had time to look at your lovely blog! and i was greeted with stunning photos!

keep and eye on your mailbox, as I think its time you recieved some arty mail, your comment on my blog made me sad that you longed for arty mail! so I shall start making your stationary in the next few days, and lucky enough I have your address from the Pay it forward!!!
so stalk your postie in a weeks time my darling, for I am the mail fairy!

Chris said...

Some time ago, you kindly visited my blog, and I like to acknowledge those visits. But I've been swamped! And now I'm here to say thanks, and LOOK at these lovelies! I love that necklace and that bag. yummy

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