Monday, August 8, 2011

Driving from California to Virginia

Left my sisters house in Scottsdale about two hours ago. Heading East now...

Still in Arizona. It's so hot this rain was nice!

Wow, New Mexico is lovely!
Good morning Texas, the start of day two.
The girls slept through most of Oklahoma, Once in Arkansas I was determined to make the boarder before midnight!

Finally made it to the boarder of Arkansas and Tennessee sometime around 11pm.

On the Tennessee highway heading east. It's so green!

Finally made it to Virginia and oh so pretty! On highway 81 now. 
Accident on 81, traffic on two lanes sucks!

Wow, the country side is so pretty. Oh my, look at my windshield, so many dead bugs!

After driving for nearly three full days we (the girls and I) make it to the town house. This is them the next morning in our new place. Silly dogs.

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