Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Happenings

Today is Veterans Day. This is a painting I started
some time back. It's of my Dad when he was
serving in the military.

A Note of Thank's I doodled on for my Nephew.


Sending some love via the post

Huge is looking at me oddly today!

This was a mistake I made on canvas,
but didn't have the heart to toss out.

I turned 50 last week.
Part of why I've not posted much
so far, here on my blog.
I wanted to just relax and ponder things.
This pictured is my new Mini iPad.
Was my default (3rd) birthday gift from
my mate.
We went in to get iMac, learned of new one coming out
next month, so then we decided on iPhone 5, store didn't
have the GB amount I wanted...soooooo
we settled on a white, 64GB Mini iPad.
I'm a lucky birthday girl!

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