Sunday, December 9, 2012

It All Started With One Project...

It started with one crocheted Toast and Egg...

 I have only seventeen more days
to finish MANY more handmade gifts!
(That's me and my older sis in photo)

I needed to add one coast of glitter seal to
these wooden pieces before I could
add them to my xmas tree.
Then I noticed my four orange pumpkins...

And thought I might add a bit of paint
to them, and decorate them for xmas...

So I covered one in white...

And decided to add a base coat of white
to all of them...

And really,  I had just intended to coat these wooden cut outs,
that's it!

So as I was waiting for the cut outs and pumpkins to dry,
I remembered I had a side table that needed to be painted, too!

Sorta like the crocheted toast and egg.
I had meant to make just one of each which
has turned into fifteen toasts and one egg.
I need to add the crust to them, and then attach them
to form into a scarf...

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