Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rubber Stamps

I own allot of Rubber Stamps...

I've been re-organizing my stamps
since moving into the loft.
But somehow, I feel like I will
never finish this project!

I use to have a really nice
wooden cabinet for my stamps,
but over the years and many moves
it fell apart.
So I use plastic and cardboard boxes
to store my stamps in.

I cut the tops off of shipping boxes my mate
gets his
gaming books in,
and then I organize my stamps

For the 'clingie' type crafty stamps,
I use an old tupperware container
in a drawer of my fav rolling cabinet.

For now, I hope to get all stamps
in themed piles.

I also have hundreds of stamps
stored in binders.
These are unmounted stamps.
I keep them on pages...

and peel them off and use them
and then stick them back on
page when done.

Each binder holds up to 300 hundred stamps!!!
I have several binders.
This is the cabinet I want!
Cabinet Webpage

For now, I will cut off the
tops of these boxes and
continue to make themed piles, 

and dream of owning a new, stronger 
stamping cabinet...

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