Thursday, August 8, 2013

Liquid Ink and Watercolour

Supplies needed for liquid fun

various nibs

A pen shaft for the nibs to go in

Artist grade paper

This was the thickest of the three
and dried faster
in dish
and on paper

I really like the fluidity of this one
especially for nibs and brush work

The thinest of the three
and really should go in mechanical pen
but I want to try it with nib

Nice even flow to work with

I use water to clean off between pens and nibs

cleans up really nice

This nib just didn't work with any of the three products
this try.
I'll try with my coloured inks
another time.

This nib did not 'flow' but simply
works like a brush, holding the ink
a short while

Disaster with this nib!
I did not like this outcome at all.

This was a fun little practice project.

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