Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hallo From My Art Loft...

Hallo from my sunny art studio/loft.
Just a quick personal note
about the goings on here in the loft
and in my life.
I've been busy creating things
for up coming video series I'll
offer here for free
next month (April).
Look for it in the first week or so.
Today I head to South Carolina.
My Son entered the service ten weeks ago
and his graduation ceremony is in two days.
I'm very proud of him and his
decision to serve his country.
He follows a very long family line
of men who served this great country.
I'm beyond proud, but it's
the closest word to
describe my feeling on the matter.
I'll post a few 'personal' pictures
in the next few days.
I'll resume my art/craft and creative postings
by the weekend I imagine.
Happy Creating...

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