Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Made in Switzerland

This manual typewriter is AWESOME!

I traded for this typewriter
with an 1910 vintage Underwood
that needed WAY TOO much restoration
work done, so cost was a huge issue.
Instead I got this beauty!

I was told (by the person I traded with)
these typewriters are wonderful
and frankly this little older man
well he's very reliable for insight and information
regarding typewriters!

The vibe hit me like a wave and I said "YES"
to trading and OH MY GOSH...

this baby is WONDERFUL!
The font is smaller than most of the other manual
typewriters I own.
In addition, there are lots of cool extra features.

It came with original paperwork (1950's)
two keys to lock the metal cover and new ribbons
and newly overhauled, oiled and ready for use!

Just a peak at the vintage books I have stored below...

I have a note paper in the carriage presently,
getting ready to type a thank-you card.

I use my typewriters so much more now
with this chair and table so easily accessible!

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