Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Super Easy Knotted Bracelet Tutorial Pt.2

Supplies needed to make this bracelet

If you cannot find the cotton waxed cord
then there are three other cotton threads
that can be used instead.

Patons Grace 100% Mercerized Cotton is
the same gauge.

Lion Brand's
Bon Bon's
100% cotton
might work just as well

Here is a comparison of the 4 types of cotton threads.
(From left to right)
Cotton Waxed Cord, Lizbeths 100% Mercerized Crochet/tatting cotton thread,
Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton yarn
 and lastly Lion Brand's Bon Bons (in green)

A closer look at the four types of cord/thread/yarn that can be
used for this project.

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