Thursday, January 1, 2009

Putting an end to...

Setting my schedule for "others"
(In 2008 I gave too much time and effort for others needs, forgetting my own).
Forgetting to practice what I "preach".
(Advising others on lifestyle changes and then not applying to my own life).
Ignoring my creative desires.
(Too often I cleaned up after others' messy habits).
Not attending University
(I've made my sacrifice, it's over).
Financial struggles
(I am NOT the only adult in the house).
Unhealthy habits
(Youthful fantasies of "living forever" exist no more).

These are my "hopeful" resolutions.
In the past I've not been very stellar at keeping ALL resolutions.

I'll be happy to keep half, through 2009.
Perhaps this year will be the defining year.
Who knows, it COULD happen! :)


Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

I wish you a lot of energy for your own for 2009 !!Take care on you. I feel you need a break.

Mike Pape said...

I think your resolutions are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, good to see your photo.

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