Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a day!

New year, new president!
Today marked an amazing moment in history!
I was able to catch President Obama's speech live, just moments after his
swearing in.
The live stream was a joint effort between and Facebook and quite eventful, with many, many bloggers commenting on the events as they unfolded.
I had driven my son to see his teacher this morning. Sadly, I missed
the actual swearing in ceremony.
The pictures of the crowd were almost unreal!
Two plus million folks braved the cold to see history in the making.
As for the future, uncertain as it maybe.
My hope is that as a nation, we, the people become more
involved in our own financial responsibilities.
Lessen the "feel good" sensations of credit spending.
Moderation, moderation, moderation!
Less really is best. Simple living does not mean; doing without.
Just getting by, is NOT a bad thing.
There is more to "watching corn grow" than a boring ordeal.
The first one hundred days will make measure of our new President's 'promises'.
Yes we can; wait, watch and see...
I for one, will remain hopeful.
Naive? Yes, maybe I am. But I do so by choice.
Hope is never a bad choice.
But, while I 'hope' I will also make the changes, in my own life, that I wish to see in my community, city, state and nation.
Recycling, reducing, reading the fine print, becoming involved, and educating myself and my children. AND hopefully NOT repeating previous bad choices.
Responsibility to self, starts in the home, from within the heart of ones own desire.
My one concern/question is this: What is driving our new president's hearts desire?
Along with George, I remain evermore curious.

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