Saturday, March 28, 2009

My drive home from work...

Most evenings I drive home along the coast.
I live within walking distance from the ocean.
Sometimes, I walk along the shoreline.
During the spring months,
I enjoy taking my time,
driving slowly home, from work.
What with views like these,
I think it would be a crime if I did not!
Hope your weekend is full of lovely views also!
Bairbre Aine


Nicki said...

oh wow...that first photo is gorgeous! What a fantastic view to have all the way home (hope you manage to keep your eyes on the road!)
I'm going up to London this weekend to do some midwifery and I so look forward to getting back to the coast, driving home past the beach and up and down lucky are we??!!!
enjoy your weekend
Nicki x

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's definitely a road I would like to travel (with my camera and a few sets of fully charged batteries).

thanks for sharing. :)

Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

Oh Nicki,
I so do miss visiting the UK.
The shorelines are so lovely there as well.
Yes, indeed, lucky us!

nathalie said...

Great photos! Making me feel guilty for not getting down to the beach more often - you must be in, or work up here in North County.

Fleur de Boheme said...

Gorgeous views!! I live by the coast too, on a peninsula, and isn´t it great to have the beach and sea in your back yard? Looking forward to the summer and happy days on the beach! Where do you live?

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