Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A school with a view

My place of employment is a joyous spot.
Much laughter, giggles, serious playing and the unfortunate occasional cry.
Either for Mum, because of an 'ouchie' or because another child has stolen
their much treasured belonging (usually a toy).
All and all, my job as a teacher, I find, is extremely rewarding.

There is much joy in being greeted near everyday with
cheers of: "Oh there is Miss Bairbre Aine!, Hallo Miss Bairbre!".
The river of hugs and pats and toothy (sometimes 'less') smiles that accompany
these greetings.

The downside, the majority of those hugs usually leave
my clothes with paint stains, dirt stains and the over all MYSTERY stains.

Our school is quaint.
Set on a hill.

I am fortunate to work the afternoon program.
Leaving me with my mornings at home.
Something I treasure a great deal these days.

I close the school each and everyday.
Greeting the parents as they pick up their beloved wee ones.
One perk of the schedule, the view!
And the sunsets are priceless.

I took these photos on two evenings, several
days apart from each other.


Marina Capano said...

Hi Nice to meet you! nice pics!


visit me anytime...

Michael Pape, AW said...

Stunning pix! I love the idea of being deluged with a river of hugs.

3rdEyeMuse said...

wow - I think I would ALWAYS have my camera with me if I had a view like that. :)

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