Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

My students have been busy working on Earth Day related projects throughout the last week and a half.
From making natural Fairy houses for our classroom garden. Reducing our
electric use (keeping lights off in the afternoons). Picking up trash at school and around school grounds. And most importantly, learning how to LIVE a Greener lifestyle.
I'm happy for the contributions I'm trying to make to help keep mother earth a greener and healthier place to live.

Happy Earth Day!


Unknown said...

Oh those are darling!! How fun is that!! Happy Earth day to you too!!
Namaste, Sarah

gwengoods said...

We all took a walk and I picked up some trash too, I always let my husband know when he has left a light on too. We have even turned off electrical breakers when we are not using certain items, like the washing machine.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I absolutely adore the Fairy houses the students built!

Happy Earth Day to you, too!!

Gloria P. said...

Excellent..I love the fact that you teach your student how to live a greener life..excellent!

Nicki said...

That all sounds lovely...fairy houses are a great idea even better (for me!!)it's given me the idea to make fairy doors with some of the young people at Youth Club....and maybe at the library sessions I run too...thanks!

Glad you've joined's fun. Advice/...well, sometimes people don't behave the same as you do towards swapping so I've had a couple of minor disappointments, but usually it's fab and you get exciting/lovely/weird stuff and talk to new people too!!
nicki x

Unknown said...

Hi hon, Yes it is part of wishcast Wednesday. Each week Jamie asks a question to ponder. One of my very favorite's.
I sooo want to move on. I'd love to chat with you about what I have done so far if you are interested.
My email is on my blog.
My sister lives in LA (I used to)her name is Barbara Anne. LOL
I love reading your blog!!
Namaste, Sarah

Nicki said...

ooooh, I like the thought of lots of owl stuff!
I've added you as a friend on swap-bot.......let me know if you organise any swaps!!
Nicki x

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