Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My son lost a sock...

And I made a new stuffed friend!
Although I am still working on my wee pal.
Just wanted to get a few photos up.
The Work In Progress ones.
I'm having so much fun.

I wonder if my daughter has lost any cute socks lately?


Kaili Ittensohn said...

Oh my gosh that is SO adorable!! I love him...or her. So cute. How did you make him? I'm clueless when it comes to sewing and such but I will give anything a go, and I really do admire the skills it takes. Lovely work, cant wait to see him come to life.

Jen said...

Awww, that is sooo cute.

I just love the little tail!!!

I wish I had time to indulge my love of craft.... sigh

Great blog!!

Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

I honestly just stuffed him ( I think its a HE)LOL, and smooshed him a bit, sewed two button eyes on and put a wee chain about his neck.
I'm not certain if it's a dog, cat, bunny, odd lamb or what.
it took me less than an hour make, and I'm still needing to sew the great large nose I've cut out of scrap felt.
Jen, I'm a teacher who only works 6 hours a day. If I don't create 'stuff' I'll go mad.
There is no television in my home either...much time, in evening to create :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh yeah, he's adorable! and that tail!! too cute.

gwengoods said...

Do you have an etsy store because you should! And if your daughter has lost any socks, I can't wait to see what you create!

Izabela said...

sometimes it appears that losing one thing brings another new ;)

she probably is going to hide one to have a new friend like that


Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

Oh my, I love the tail too Michelle! :)
Ahhhh that's the sweetest thing to say, Gwengoods! I've actually, just recently considered creating one.
You may have inspired me to do so!
Izabela, my daughter actually did donate three single socks!
Two of which have cute patterns and colours! I'm all excited.
This wee sock friend, was my very first ever attempt at making them.
I really have enjoyed it, thus far.

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