Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm hopefully back for good!

Me and a friend working at Comic-Con 2009

My son and I attending the masquerade ball at San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Me and my boyfriend in San Diego, attending/working San Diego Comic-Con 2009

There have been many changes in my life these past few months.
A few difficult things to over come, other events that bring absolute joy to my life and heart.
And the tough choices to make, that take every ounce of energy one can muster up.
Physically I've had a few bouts with ailment. One that has kicked my bum!
The most creatively perplexing event, the melt down of my laptop.

Happy to report, I'm up and running again, my new cherry red "lollipop" cutie sits ever so lovely in my lap, and I'm feeling very creative again.

Thank you for the kind check ins, from a few of you.
I'm not completely out to the woods, so to speak, however;
feeling more energetic and creatively charged to stick around.

I haven't created any fiber arts these past few months.
Mostly paper crafts, when able and spending time with loved ones.

I'll be moving in the next several weeks, so I shall post a bit about that.
Haven't moved from my current residence in nine's going to be a
bit of a challenge.
My kids have grown into fine adults (one still in school, but very near completion).
So there is the "short" of it.

Hope all of you are well. I have a much stronger respect of "health" matters now.
Being "under the weather" for a prolonged bit of time, can really take away the cheery happy status we sometimes take for granted.

I'm gratefully back!

Cheers everyone!


Lulu said...

glad youre feeling better..
take care,

3rdEyeMuse said...

continued and speedier recovery. :) congrats on your new cherry lollipop ... may it treat you to 100 years of good service.

Nicki said...

Oh how lovely that you're back!

If you're still 'not quite right' take it all slowly....look after yourself and don't run before you can walk!!!

It was good to see a comment from you (and thanks for the congratulations!!)

Nicki x

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