Friday, August 14, 2009

A look back to the beginning of this year...

My resolutions for this year:

Setting my schedule for "o
(In 2008 I gave too much time and effort for others needs, forgetting my own).
Happy to report, I've kept this resolution all year so far. I'm finding
that a happier me can manage a "giving" attitude for others without decreasing my own needs!

Forgetting to practice what I "preach".
(Advising others on lifestyle changes and then not applying to my own life).
I'm struggling on this one! I am about half way there...I'd hoped for 100% but will continue to improve.
Ignoring my creative desires.
(Too often I cleaned up after others' messy habits).
I absolutely kept this one! Creative desires are sought after and fulfilled, often!
Not attending University
(I've made my sacrifice, it's over).
Nope, I've not achieved this one. Sadly I don't think I will until the recession is over, whenever that might be...
Financial struggles
(I am NOT the only adult in the house).
Struggles are still there, however, I'm not "alone" in the struggle. :)
Unhealthy habits
(Youthful fantasies of "living forever" exist no more).
Another "half way there" resolution. Again, I'm hoping for 100% achievement,
but realise it's not going to be within 2009.
I think this one will find it's way over to 2010 resolutions list, top priority!

These are my "hopeful" resolutions.
In the past I've not been very stellar at keeping ALL resolutions

All in all, I have done allot better than I imagined, once I hit a "tough patch" in my personal life,just getting through the day was good for me!
I"m very happy where I'm at with these resolutions.
There are still four more months remaining in 2009.

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