Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gabby & Gator

James Burks and Me @ Comic Con 2010

I was fortunate enough to meet James Burks this year at Comic Con.

He has created a very clever graphic novel.
At first view of his black and white illustrations, in two other smaller publications, I knew the new book (Gabby & Gator) would be fantastic!

James is a very talented artist, animator and all around great guy!

His new book, due out in September 2010 (just weeks away) will capture your hearts!
Hardcover with 192 pages. This book is full of great illustrations and a story line that will stay with you even after you've closed the book!

Gabby & Gator is perfect for all ages!!

 I was lucky to receive an early released copy and have since read it several times to my students and even once to my boyfriend (yes, it's really that good).
They all love Gabby & Gator so much that I'm frequently asked to read it, nearly everyday!

I do hope you go and visit James' website soon
and pre-order your copy of this really fun book.
James signing one of his books for me :)
and happy reading!

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