Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crochet, crochet and more crochet

Once again, I have been very busy making crocheted items for my kids, to sell and for swaps I'm participating in. I have come across some GREAT sites too (above picture and link)   I just wanted to share a few pictures of my WIP, some finished projects, a few of these great sites, enjoy!

Made this beanie for my son, who will arrive here in VA in six days, to celebrate his 21 birthday. He loves football, so I thought, though it be a wee bit silly, would be a fun beanie for him to wear while visiting his sister in Maryland too. Have one more to make for my daughters boyfriend, that way both fellows will have their game day beanies. I still need to make pom poms with favourite team colours, to attach on top before gifting. For free pattern of this football beanie: 

Tom the Turkey free Pattern:
and Happy Crocheted Pumpkin

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