Monday, October 10, 2011

Dachshund, Vintage Crochet and Pictures

My Dachshund.
Happy Columbus Day to all my American friends.

Even with three months passed since arriving here in Virginia, as of today actually.
I'm still finishing up the final stages of the unpack. All the boxes have been emptied, except
for two boxes filled with DVD's and 15 small book boxes of my mates. (I gave away ninety percent of my library prior to move).

It's the keepsake boxes that I've been organizing or more so, rooting through.
Having stumbled upon a box filled with my Mother's crochet work, I had to snap a few pictures of it!
Mum made hundreds of these. This one was perhaps the very last one  she made  before passing away. Her hands  ached and shook a bit, towards the end.

Mum's reliable potholders. She made hundreds of these too. These were made in the early 80's. They've held up very well!

Ah and Mum's favourite thing to make and give (even to strangers) as gifts. Crochet topped kitchen towels.  These were from my Mum's kitchen. Easily these were made in the 70's. 

And then I found vintage hankies with my Nana's crochet handiwork.

I think I get my passion for miniature work from my Nana. I love crocheting with steelies, small size hooks. Using the cotton tread is a trick sometimes. I'm always in awe of the finished outcome.


Unknown said...

Aaah - I love that you have posted your mum and Nana's crochet .. my mum only really did knitting and I haven't anything she made. Gorgeous treasures. x

Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

Thank you Madwomanlace, My Mum and Nana seldom were seen without hook or needles and fiber in their hands. I grew up with allot of talented, strong woman. I am very honoured to have had such a childhood!
Oh dear, not even one treasure? :(
Knitting was another favourite of Nana's and Mum. I like it too, but crochet is my passion!

Tink's Tinkerings said...

I have made them all, oh my I have been around awhile :) tks for the share, We mums are all alike I think :)

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