Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In anticipation of new family member...

I found this bag & thought it would make a good nappy sack for my daughter
or even me (Nana).
The inside lining is very much my daughters taste in style though.
All this needs to fit it the bag! Just a few things I've made & collected in anticipation of my grandson's arrival.
Hand crocheted hats (of course) were really fun to make, &  a couple 'Daddy' outfits
for both baby & my son-in-law.
I love rubber ducky prints. A 'little squirt' outfit in keeping with the sea theme & book.
BOOTIES! A bag full of them & a few 'to grow into'. 
Burpie & blanket. I made both. Crocheted this one with spare 100% cotton baby yarn
for stroller/car seat/nappy bag. Burpie rag was made from recycled flannel sheet and scrap material
I've had since my own kids were little!
Clothes fit...

Crocheted booties & hats next...
Burpie, blanket and bubba next, but something is missing...but what?
Yes, this complete's the nappy bag perfectly! :)


Jamie Cole said...

Love everything you have made for Anakin! Homemade gifts are the best!

Bairbre Aine said...

OH Jamie, thank you so much for your comment! And yes, I cannot wait till wait till little man gets here! I know we are all very anxious to love him up! :)


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