Friday, December 14, 2012

Dog Chasing Tail

Catching Up here, my friends...
I've been behind, by a day, for three days now!
Well, it ends today.
I plan to post twice and finally be caught up!

This picture is of the flat screen
tuned to Netflix, the show
Fireplace or something like that.
I giggled when first I saw this listed,
then I clicked on it, just to see what it was.
I made a joke about it and several days later, here
I have it one and actually have begun enjoying the sounds
of crackling fire upon the wood.
Two episode, one with music (holiday)
one without.
I like the one without, for the late, late nights
I'm awake, like now.
And the holiday music, during the day
whilst I paint and sew and generally
make and do.
How bout you?

In addition to finding (and liking)
the new channel of Netflix,
I found my cup warmer (finally).
It was tucked away in my candle box.
I used it last, with large glass candles,
instead of lighting them,
i'd warm them from below.
The scent would last longer
and the candle also lasted longer.
Win, win.


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