Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Sign

Hi Friends
I am back at the craft table today
making a new sign for
the downstairs
front door side window.

Instead of using canvas cloth
as I had with my previous sign
shown in first picture,
I'm using duck cloth.
I don't have to use gesso to
prep the surface.
Although I do
us fray check to bind
the edges to keep
them from unraveling.

This is the front door/window.
I'll take a picture of sign hanging up
was it dries and I hang it.

So many beads...

so little time!
Well, I have time, but
I've not been inspired to create with
beads, just yet.
Hopefully before too long
I will be.

I root through my cards box.
The hope is to send out
timely correspondence
instead of thinking of it
and then not following through.

I found this clear storage bin at
JoAnne Fabric
on sale. I"m organizing
birthday, note cards and
general holiday stuff.

Between painting sign, organizing cards
and general sketching and creating...

I'm never too busy to stop
and text message with my daughter.
She sent me a picture of my grandson
in his crib.
His attention is drawn to lighted
items, iPad, mobile and day light through the window.
I do think he may be curious like his Nana ;)

My next project...
putting colour to several of these sketches.

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