Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A No-Glitter Sorta Queen

This postcard came to me
just as a splotchy stamped
brown dress form...

I added deeper colour
to dress form
and a stain glass window.
Atop I drew a flag.

I then stamped in all the little people
and started to fill them in.

The blue sky was the last thing I added
because I didn't want the little people
no matter how small.
To have blue colour inside their lines.

I started with a happy, glitter throwing witch
cooking a feast outside...

and a king and queen
returning to their guarded dress form tent.

Royal guards

The sky needs something extra...

Flag attached and...

glitter sparkly clouds!

Witch needs some glitter to go
with her  feast she's preparing...

She's a no-glitter sort-of queen

shiny armor

All done!

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