Sunday, January 6, 2013

Diversion Into Creativity

Hallo friends.
I was avoiding doing something
all day!
In addition to actually
doing what I attempted to avoid,
I created and completed many

projects around the loft!

And though today was a very good day
for accomplishing many things,
this evening brought
broken hearted
issues, sadly.

And for now, I am sad and worried.
Very worried for loved ones.

And though I can see
the fruit of my
creative labour,
I'm not able to completely
enjoy the moment, fully.

Such are matters of the heart...

And very often, a simple change
of perspective may help matters.

Giving a sparkle in a dark time.

Holding fast to the ideals of love.

Braving through the sad moments
clinging on for...

May we all find our bliss!

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