Friday, February 1, 2013

Hearty Art...

Happy Heart Month!
February is the month of hearts
and love!

I enjoy making many crafts
with a heart theme.

I make allot of
things with hearts...

Heart Art is so fun to make
and share with loved ones,
friends and sometimes
even strangers...

Nothing better than leaving
a wee heart behind you
at the cafe', library, or park...

Heart art to bring a smile
to someones day...

A small, simple reminders
that we are not alone and that
someone, even a stranger
wishes them well!

I hope to create
heart art allot
this month
and share it...

I cut these wee felt hearts
out a few days past,
didn't know what to do with them,
now I think I shall make a few
book marks
and randomly leave them
around my local library with
a wee note,
expressing a warm and friendly

That was the hope, when I
hung these wee hearts at
the loft entrance...

Now I'm ever so inspired
to create many hearts to share.

I think this shall be
a 'hearty' weekend!


Handmade and off-centered said...

I love the idea of "forgetting" the heart pillows at a café or library. Very sweet as are the pillows.


Crafted by Bairbre Aine said...

Thank you Birgitta,
I've made a few beaded book marks I plan to leave behind at library too, with a wee note describing the purpose of the trinket and gift notion.
I love sharing, don't you?

lynne h said...

hi bairbre aine...

i'm smiling at the story of your scissors (over at my place)... i SO understand your feelings! i could hardly draw after my mechanical pencil broke. i was despondent...

reading your reply to birgitta, i'll say that yes, i love sharing too. and hearts! here's to a month (a lifetime?!) of hearts and sharing. : )



Priti.Lisa said...

Hi Bairbre Aine,
I am so glad stumbled upon my blog,
once I got here, I can see that we are kindred souls...spreading love
and hearts brings much joy ♥♥


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