Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Road Adventure

I went for an early morning drive today,
and stumbled upon a yard sell.
I found this vanity chair for $1

Parlor chair for $1
I like the stow away compartment...

On this table that I got for

This chair is like a blank canvas...

I will clean it up,
sand it down,
strip the cushion,
and add new fabric with paddy.

Same with this wee foot stool.
I plan to strip it apart and refurbish it!
Both chair and stool together for $5

This side folding table I got for
fifty cents!

This lamp and...

this lamp for $2 each!!

This awesome wooden frame for $1

My favourite bargain find of the day,
this floor lamp for $2.50...

with it's cool glass base!

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