Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crocheted Costumes in the film Cloud Atlas

I loved these costumes
in the film Cloud Atlas.
They are crocheted & knitted and designed by Kym Barrett.
The link below is to a more in depth
look at the films costume design process.
Frock Talk Article

What was very cool was the whole
time frame, where these characters were in.

It was an all natural place.
Very cool fibers used for these and other costumes.
Click here for movie trail link

The film is very long (2 hours 52 minutes) with 6 story lines, but I really enjoyed this film. I have watched it twice and have been captivated both times.
I would even watch it a third time!
I would love to see these costumes up close to see how they were created.
Worth a look for certain!

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