Monday, August 5, 2013

A Visit to Jamestown Virginia Pt1

An incredible August day.
Very low humidity
which is rare here in
Virginia in August!

Me and my sweetie
decided to venture out to
historic Jamestown...

Built in1907
a memorial for
 the three-hundred
anniversary of
 settlers arrival here.

A church with
an active archeological dig
with in its gates.

Notice the man in the hat,
bottom left picture?
Well in the next few pictures see if you can find him...

Hint: He's in the centre!

A bronze diagram of what the fort
looked like back in 1607.

This grave yard memorializes
those who were lost
in the first few years.

There is a book titled Jane
click here for link to it
which is very interesting and rather gruesome.

I believe this site was used
for the cover of the book or somewhere
within the book.

And Heeerrrreeeesss Johnny...
John Smith that is
looking over the lovely
James River.

Today's weather really is spectacular!

This seawall was built sometime in before/after
the civil war to keep the river
from damaging and over taking

There are is much more to see
but for now
I'll stop here
with this pretty view of the James river.

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