Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beanie Instructions Part 3 of 3

Continuing with hdc rows
I stopped at 3 1/2"

This was long enough for my project

I decided I wanted to add ear flaps to this beanie... 

I just added a row of hdc (15 std)
chained two
turned worker and crocheted
another 15 sts of hdc.

I finished second row of hdc
where I began...

on the 3rd row
chain two
hdc tog,
hdc in the remaining stitches
until you get to last two stitches
hdc tog.

Chain 2, turn
hdc tog,
and repeat the decreases at the beginning
and ending of each row
until there is just on stitch left.

Chain stitch about 30 stitches for dangle bit
slip knot, cut excessive yarn.

Make second ear flap on the opposite side of beanie.

Ear flap up-close

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