Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crochet Pattern Books

The unexpected.
I love it when I'm not looking for something,
but stumble across it,
like these crochet pattern books.

I just happened upon them.
Each is normally priced at 25 cents,
but today, the blue stickers were 10 cents.

And though I don't make Doilies,
I do like the pattern for
the very centre of each
of the dollies
to use for other projects.

And I do like the idea of using the oval
doilies for garments.

I was over joyed to find this leaflet
crochet pattern brochure too.
For a whole 5 cents!
Yep, grey stickers were even less cost
this day!

I love the sock weight fiber usage in these shawls.

And the fluffy fibers in the white shawl.

This pattern is sooo vintage, retro.
A must make!

And lastly,
my fav book out of all four of these!
Notice the grey sticker,
yep, 5 cents in cost!
I love the bulky weight,
orange wrap!

This is my most FAV
of all the patterns!
In a bulky, textured fiber!
I am so making this before
winter this year!!!

And another dainty, stylist
I'm so please with my
30 cents purchase!
All four paper back books
a total cost of 30 cents!
Love, love, love
charity shopping!

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