Saturday, September 14, 2013

RVA Street Art Festival

Another gorgeous day
in Virginia
here at the
RVA Street Art Festival

I decided to volunteer for this event
Hands On RVA

Lots of street artists
applying their talents
to this relic of
a depot station

Virginia is for Lovers

Lots of folks turned out
for this week long gig.
It started earlier in the week,
however the massive crowds showed up
on this weekend!

A Video of the happenings at RVA Street Art Festival

A short video log of most of the mural art

Another video clip

I was not able to capture the whole scene
on camera
so you can
Click this link for a you tube video of it...

Another cool sight
was this vintage
war plane
that was flying over head a few
times from
the nearby air show that
was taking place
this very same weekend!

Time laps of festival. My fav of all videos!

Chris Milk's mural
Click for his web site link

Studio two three's work at the festival and link

I really liked that his print was from first
a wood cut out and secondly
from being ran over with a motorized roller!
so cool

Inside where all the artist, vendors were selling their wares and goods!

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