Friday, September 13, 2013

A Career Upon the Sea

This is the United States Coast Guard Cutter
Barque Eagle
I was afforded an opportunity to
tour this beautiful ship.

My son-in-law just happened to be visiting
Virginia for a week long class
and just happen to be staying nearby the port where
the Eagle sailed in the very day I was to visit!
Neither of us knew of this prior to this day!

This ship is was so clean and orderly.
This is my son-in-law
who is serving in the Coast Guard presently.
He and my daughter are stationed/living on the west coast
so this was a special treat to visit with him
here in Virginia.

This day was a lovely day too.
 A break from the sweltering heat and humidity.
Today was a cool 75 degree with little to no humidity!

I love how the rope lines are so precise. 

During rough seas, many a crew person
may man the addition wheels to help
steer the ship!

A view of the Eagle from above.

I really liked the golden eagle!

To see the Barque Eagle in action click here

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