Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sketching Tools Pt 4

I love this pencil sharpener!
It's easy to carry with me when I travel
or hike. And the point it creates is awesome!!!
Available in a rainbow of colours

Basic sharpeners I always have on hand.
Easily found in most craft/hobby and art stores.

I really like the point covers that General's
sharpener offers
in this package deal.
Especially when I take my sketching on
the road with me,
it's nice to cover my graphite or coloured pencils.

This was my first love...and I've had this for several years.

As you can see the inside of
this sharpener has been used a
great deal.
I use this mostly with coloured pencils now.

A cheapie sharpener I buy at local
dollar stores.
It works with my
#2 school pencils
I use allot for woodworking, tracing on cardboard
or using in 'alternative' projects.

Oh and the decorative sharpeners
I keep just for fun...

I rarely use these.

I remember at first I use to think 'why use something like this?'
Wow, have a I learned a few things since then.
I always have a bit of sandpaper or
sharpening board on hand now.

Not pictured are my multiple
electric sharpens I have throughout
my loft. I think I own four.

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