Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sketching Tools Pt 5

I really enjoy using this mechanical pencil
for clean lines and very fine work.
Staedtler has many fine products I enjoy using!

This pencil uses different gauged lead
but I use HB lead.

The nib is very fine
which is my fav to work with.

Cheapie alternative is this Metrix 0.7 Staples brand pencil
the only problem...

The metal nib casing always comes unscrewed
during use.
I hate this too...

because I like how this pencil sits in my hand.
If I glue it, then I can't open it up to fill with new lead.
So, I am always having to screw the nib back on
periodically during use.

This OLD eraser holder
has been in my art box for so many years,
I can't even remember where I got it.
I use it allot with graphite sketches.

I had 10 refill erasers
when I first got this...the eraser in it presently is my
very last one. 

And last but not least
the Ticonderoga number two pencil.
I love these pencils for doodling or
just to have around for school work.

Every fall season I pick
up a nice big box (on sale)
of these bad boys
and use them throughout the year.

Everything about this pencil I like
right down to the useful eraser!

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