Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sketching Tools Pt.1

Soft pencils are messy
and oh so much fun to sketch with.
They blend really nicely,
but you will definitely
need a fixative spray
on most work.

A fresh collection of soft pencils.

Medium pencils are my favourite!
I like how cleanly they are.
They blend nicely too.


Hard tip pencils
are not my fav
but they do come in hand for the fine,
detailed work.
One must be very careful not
to press to hard with these babies
or else you'll imprint your paper or surface.


Sketch Kit

I like taking this set outdoors
and when I travel.
They are a great multipurpose kit!

Another fav of mine to travel with...

These pencils get allot
of use. I replace single pencils as I use
them up, but keep
all the collection
in the tin box
on my art table.

When working with specific pencils,
while drawing
I like to flip the pencils in use
that way I can grab them quickly.

My most fav pencils here are B, 2B, and 2H

These are just a few of the pencils I use
when sketching, drawing or
designing projects...

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