Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oats and Peppers

I've been craving peppers
for a few days
So I decided
 to make stuffed bell peppers

It's a simple meal

A few fresh
peppers, garlic, tomato,
beef and rice

Browning the meat and garlic
while the water
 begins to boil for the peppers

Combine cooked rice,
tomato, add water, tomato paste,
salt, pepper, oregano, and Worcestershire sauce
let stew for 15 to 20 minutes covered over
med/low heat

Flash boil peppers
between 3 to 5 minutes
time determined by size
 and thickness of peppers
thin less, thick more

Once peppers are done
set in baking dish
add 1/4 cup water
and wait for filling to finish slow stew
(approximately 10-15 minutes)
Then fill with tomato/meat sauce
top with choice of cheese
(I used mozzarella)
bake at 350
for 35-50 minutes
(size of peppers determines this
large longer, thin shorter)

I like crispy tops



For dessert
gooey oatmeal raisin cookies
I just used the recipe on the back
of lid from Oats container
simple and delicious 

350 oven
8-10 minutes

Let cool

Recipe makes about two and a half
dozen cookies

I made seven
chocolate chip
raisin oatmeal
cookies for myself

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