Monday, June 16, 2014

Eight 8 oz Glasses A Day

When I was little my parents
would tell me to make sure
to drink enough water

To date, I'm pretty good at keeping up with it
when challenged with other things I forget to
I put together this little glass votive
with a newly crocheted skirt
to help me...

every morning I start anew!
I use a 6 oz glass
so I put in 11 glass stones

For every glass of water I drink
I add a glass stone to the dish...

I have this little
water station right next to the bottled water

right on my tea table
so I walk by it daily

At the end of the day
I remove all the stones from the dish
and put them back in the glass votive
I also mentally make a tally
of how much water I drank that day.
The goal is to drink 11 glasses a day
but I'm pleased when I reach 8 or 9 on forgetful days!

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