Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Electric Cutie!

This electric cutie was
added to my family of typewriter
before my surgery...

along with this vintage metal typewriter table!

It was a gift from another typewriter enthusiast!

While on a salvage excursion
my friend and his son
happened upon many items
this cutie would not fit in their van

I got a little call
and before I knew it they were at my door
delivering this!!!

I was in so much pain
that I was overwhelmed by their kindness
for the gift and for brining it up our stairs
and setting it up!

I love this little metal table with
the folding side tray!

So now I have a little typewriter centre!

Two generations of typewriters
typewriter tables!

I look forward to being able to sit up for longer
periods of time
so I can get to typing here!

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