Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.4

This is the last bead/jewelry storage system
I have.

Where I live there are a large number or artists who
live nearby. SO, when folks move
allot of time good storage/furniture gets
donated to other residents.

Lucky me, this was a FREE BE
the rolling computer desk.

I use it with all the 50 cent plastic boxes
filled with beads...
I categorize my beads by type & colour.
For example
All the natural stones are housed together,
separated by colour.

Glass/clear beads, same, colour and so on...

Trinkets, charms, baubles and dangles are all together.

Semi-precious stones...

Artistic or handcrafted glass beads
are housed together.

And keeping them all colour coordinated
helps when I'm in the middle of creating something
and need to grab quickly.

I even keep sequin in their own storage system.

I'm re-vamping this system presently
since I sold several batches of beads
I have to reorganize and re-purpose
the empty containers.

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