Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.3

Once again, another drawer system
for my jewelry supplies…this one is
the Rainbow roller...

I use various 'dollar store' ziplock bags
and plastic storage containers.

I use these wee plastic bowls and larger ceramic
saucers to hold Work In Progress projects.
This way I can clean up my craft area,
if I'm going to put a project on hold for awhile.

More ziplock storage use.

Many years back
I was given a travel jewelry making system.
I didn't like the bag
since I rarely travel and make jewelry
so I took out the plastic containers
and keep them in this drawer system.

I use the bag for my art travel kit.

This is the Rainbow Roller cart.
I have 'lunch trays' on top
with various beads I've yet to store
and another one for project.

I usually put jewelry related things on top
when I either find, re-purpose or purchase new materials.
I'll organise them later, when time permits.

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