Friday, August 15, 2014

Jewelry Making Station Pt.2

This clear plastic tray was once
a display tool
for art supplies
I use to sell...

Now it sits nestled under my converted sewing table,
on top of a roller cart
also full of jewelry supplies.

I love how I can see all the wire in one swoop look!
Especially when I'm in the middle of creating something
and I'm inspired. The tray
has a heavy lid that keeps dust from collecting
on all my wire supplies.

This roller cart
was another charity shop find.
$8 about 3 years ago!
It fits perfectly under my converted sewing table!

I thought you all might like to see
inside all the 9 drawers here…

Drawer one
Drawer two

Drawer three is full of lost/found objects
and broken jewelry parts that will not be
mended, instead they will be used
for mixed medium work.

Drawer four

Drawer six is full of plastic
storage containers
and recycled dice packaging.

Drawers seven and eight have all my
ceramic bowls safely stored.
Drawer nine is empty because I'm converting a few items
that are stored on top of the desk right now,
into smaller storage
that will be moved into the large, deep drawer nine.

Overall view of converted sewing table
and roller cart
for jewelry supplies.

A most valuable tool
if you're interested in jewelry making.
I found this one at Harbour Freight Tools for under
They have this very same device, for $49!!!

I think you can buy this online, from Harbour Freight Tools.

Another invaluable tool to have
for jewelry & fiber artists.

Recent garage sale items
I found all for $1
Now I am converting them into smaller zip-lock bags
for compact storage.

These seed beads will also be put in zip lock
jeweler bags.
I plan to use these beads for mixed medium art supplies.

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