Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Jewelry Making Station

Recently I've read a few postings & articles
about artists and chaos.

This is my top drawer of my jewelry desk (1)
I have three storying systems for my jewelry supplies.

I am one such artist who actually creates best
with a small work area
(mostly my computer desk)
smattered with post-it notes, trinkets, treasures
& other items that inspire me…
My supply areas HAVE TO BE ORGANISED...

As you can see
the drawers in these pictures
are somewhat organised
and if they aren't
well, I will not be able to find nor
 create stuff smoothly
when inspired.

This is draw number two out of five.

I keep many of my supplies
in their original packing
if storable. This way the tool(s)
stays protected from dust.

This is drawer number three.

Drawer number four.

Drawer number five...

This desk is for a portable sewing machine
which I found at a charity shop for $15.

It was in perfect shape when I found it.

I tried using my sewing machine on it
however, because of the wheels and very light
wood material it's made from
the sewing surface moved and was far too
unstable…SO, it's great for my jewelry supplies.

Tomorrow I'll take pictures of
another jewelry supply station.
This will be the second our of three that I have.

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