Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Greetings From Me to You

This Holiday Season has been busy for me.

Working with clients who are, at times, in a hurry or feeling a bit more of a Grinch

than is healthy has not damped my joyful spirit!

Santa visited us at work yesterday!

He was in board shorts and flip-flops despite if being 30 degrees outside!

I guess that's warm compared to the North Pole!

He was jolly and happy to find a little something special to get his lovely wife...Mrs. Santa ;)

At home I was finally able to hang-up my newly finished crocheted holiday stocking!

I'm feeling all 'girly' with the pink and gold glitter decoration this season.

Loving it!

Happy Holidays My Friends!

The metallic thread I used to crochet this stocking
really sparkles
when the light
hits it just right!

A closer look at the metallic thread!

A little seasonal silliness!
It just wouldn't be the holidays
without my naked troll doll
and my first two attempts
at crocheting Santa.

Wishing you a very joy filled holiday season!

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