Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nothing Is Forever...

I've always known that life can change in a blink of an eye, 
especially when we least expect it to.

These past several months have been a serious struggle for me.

My heart, hopes and dreams were shattered.

The desire to create anything disappeared with my heartbreak, 
aside from a few sketches I did during those first few days.

My absence from blogging over these past several months has been difficult.

In an age where all we need to do is click a button and we instantly can be connected with others
just didn't appeal to my weary, shattered heart.

Time is a funny thing.

We all experience the ups and downs of life.

Our methods for overcoming or celebrating such experiences varies drastically.
However, the one true commonality is time.

With the passage of time, perspectives can shift, hearts can mend, and creativity can reignite.

Such is the case with me...

I'm finally back to crocheting...

A silly little mason jar cosy thingie

Perfect for traveling around town,
running errands

I love the blue with the green

An emotionally, heart wrenching sketch after
receiving very sad news.

Trying to distract myself with more sketches

Using my fav mechanical pencil and Lamy
ink pen

Tearful coffee time sketches

Even with sketch filled distractions
the emotions still flooded back in
to remind me my heart was shattered!
"We're over"

Penmanship practice with my green Lamy

There really is no antidote or deep insight to what transpired over these many months.

Time moved on. 

Life continued. 

I cried rivers or tears.

 Fear bullied me constantly. 

Family and friends cared for me. 

I spiraled into sadness and reached the bottom of my broken heart.
 It's a lonely place. 

Again, time moved forward.

Forgiveness is also another funny thing. 
Without it the hurts and sorrows can grow larger. 
So, forgiveness was given.  

New paths were established, separately.

Art supplies were finally unpacked eight months later.

Sparks of creativity returned and ignited my heart to once again make things.

 Life goes on...

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