Friday, June 2, 2017

Where Do They Get That From?

                       At a young age I learned that laughter promoted good health!

Later in my late teens, 
I lost my father.

I adopted a healthier life style that involved 
good eating, aerobic exercises, yoga, meditation


Lots of it!

I'm happy that not only did this make me happy, 
but others as well.

Influencing my own two kids.


My kids on Mother's Day several years back.
I simply wished for a nice picture of all three of us.
Instead I got the BEST pictures/selfies EVER...
I remember saying
"oh please smile you two"

And I just decided to join in!

And Memories!

As i'm getting older
I look back at these moments
and find such joy in remembering just how
blissful our days were
 filled with laughter and so much love!

And now,

as a

My children are happy adults and embrace silliness.

The one thing
(well two actually)
things that make my heart sore...
knowing (and seeing)
this silliness legacy
passed along to my grandkids!!

And even when apps aren't used, there is silliness!!!

My grand son sporting a nice stash and beard!

My grandson in the 'infant'
stage of
stash and beard!

My grand daughter
I love that she (my daughter)
uses these silly apps with funny faces..

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