Thursday, March 22, 2018

Beautiful Morning

Heading out early this Friday...

I love the quiet roads on these early, snowy mornings.

Still and calm

Oh the sunrise is so pretty!

First few of us in car park!

Snowy and cold...

Cherry blossoms already out!


Every time I walk past this area
I get this urge to wave...

Some mornings
when no one is around,
like today,
I wave

Good-Morning St. Joesph

Cherry blossom goodness!

I can't stop gazing at these gorgeous trees
and blue sky!

I so appreciate the person(s) who cleared these sidewalks
making it safe for all who walk upon them!

Such a lovely, snowy day!

I know that its covered with snow

With every step I take closer
I have this sensation to sit down upon it!

Perhaps it's just best to walk on by!

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