Sunday, March 4, 2018

March Meet the Maker 1-4

 Days 1-4 of
                                                              March Meet the Maker:

Introduction of Me

Where I'm creating

How I Got Started as a Maker

Favourite to Make

I'm Bairbre Aine
I'm a fourth generation artisan, maker.

Most people call me Babs.
I live in Northern Virginia, just a little west of Washington D.C.
I'm one of many, many artisans, creatives, makers in my family.
I cannot remember the first craft/art project I made, but I do remember the joy I felt 
sewing my first handmade quilt, and embroidering a gift for my mum at age 7.

Handmade was our family way.
We didn't buy gifts for each other,
we created personal items
and made them in secret
so to surprise whomever the recipient was.

Seriously, you might want a nice warm beverage
right about now...

We designer personal cards for every occasion, and made homemade treats (food) to accompany all special occasions/holidays!

I learned every arts and crafts skill I could by high school:
from drawing, airbrushing, painting (oils, watercolor, acrylic...), murals, window displays, window painting, ceramics, jewelry making (lost was casting, enameling, metal work, bedding...),
fiber, textile, sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, tatting, macrame, embroidery, rug making, wood working, paper crafting, glass work/cutting, etching, clothes/costume designing, set design/painting/building.

Oh and so much more...

I'm sipping tea as I write this!

My current logo

Summer art programs (between elementary/Jr. high/high school years) taught me
animation, book making, batik, ceramics, origami, cartooning, sculpture, music...
I love to create!
I don't have 'A favourite to make'

Creating for me is like breathing.

Without it I cannot even imagine what else I'd be doing!!

I'm also a teacher, instructor, performer...

Over the years I've taught hundreds and hundreds of people 
(adults & children)
to find their creative bliss 
thought making/crafting/art adventuring!

I'm so aware of how fortunate I was/am 
to have grown up in an art rich learning environment, 
well before Art Programs were cut from educational and community budgets!

I'm a little embarrassed now
for sharing so much.

I'm out!

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