Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unexpected Road Trip to Maryland

What a gorgeous day for a scenic drive to Maryland...

Richmond City

James River in the background (looking south from the 301)

Better view of the James River

Fall leaves nearly all turned in colour...

Not long now, till all these colourful leaves will be gone.

All the streets seems to have trees along them.

My favourite route to Maryland, now,
instead of taking the I-95.

Once out of the city, this is what the 301
looks like all the way to the Potomac River,
aside from the scattered few 

small roadside towns
that line the highway route. 

Beautiful tree lined highway as far as the eye can see...

Lovely farm lands dotted with farm equipment and...

Red Barns

and more red barns!

Finally I come upon a small town.
Good time to stop, grab an iced tea
before heading back on the road 

for the remaining seventy-five miles 
left on this trip.

Crossing the Potomac
Every time I cross this river I think of George Washington!

Leaving Virginia and entering into Maryland...

Ugh, the first thing you see while crossing the Nice Bridge...
Maryland's 301 route is not as pretty as Virginia's.

But I don't mind the lack of scenic charm along the 301 route 
in Maryland...
because this cutie pie is waiting for me!

My daughter 

will be able to go out 
for the first time in nearly a year
because Nana is here

 to babysit her cutie pie Grandson!
Let the fun and dancing begin!

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