Monday, December 17, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Countdown
Hallo Friends, I was finally able to put
the extra holiday
decorations away this weekend.
Stockings are hung, with care.

Holiday dishes at the ready.
Just need to finish decorating my
pillar candle with
real candy canes
then I'll place it here on
this candle stand.

 I've only received one
holiday card so far,
shown here, of my Grandson,
who was born just four months ago!

All my holiday bric-a-brac
remind me of people
and certain times within
my life.
This beaded Joy pin
was made and given to me
by a good friend of mine.
The felt holly leaves I
made nearly twenty years ago,
while my two children were very small.

Santa with Cow I made nearly six-teen years ago.

I enjoyed decorating with
three different colour schemes.
This side of room has more blue and silver,
than the previous traditional red and green
'Santa' colours.

One big stocking for the Dachshunds.

I use tree ornaments to dress up
vase and cabinet
with this a touch of shine and theme.
Pictures always bring loved ones
closer to mind,
during the holidays.
Especially if they live far away, as
many of mine do. 

Pictured here are me and my three sisters,
several years ago.

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